What are You Waiting For?

new ipad
Apple recently updated the 9.7-inch iPad back at the end of March 2017. This wasn’t a revamping of the entire line just an updated iPad Air 2. Apple dropped the Air in its name. It’s simply called iPad. What is really amazing is the price – starting at $329.

This new iPad replaces the iPad Air 2, which was released back in October of 2014. The new lower price also places it as the entry-level iPad. Yes, you read that right. This new 9.7-inch iPad is now cheaper than the iPad Mini 4. Well, that’s not quite right. The Mini 4 is still in the iPad lineup, but only in one storage size – 128GB. The $329 iPad has 32GB of storage. For $100 more you can get it with 128GB of storage. (more…)


Speedy Storage

HDDThere are many ways to help speed up any computer, not just a Mac. When thinking about the speed of a computer, the first thing you think about is probably the processor, or CPU. There are other factors involved such as the bus speed, RAM (type and speed), graphic processor (video card), and I/O ports. This two-part article will cover the one I didn’t mention – storage.

Spinning Storage

In any computer, when you think memory you are actually talking about RAM. When you think of storage, you are talking about hard drives. For many years the typical hard drive had spinning platters that are 3.5-inches in diameter, hence the term 3.5-inch hard drive. Laptops came along and hard drives shrunk down to 2.5-inches. But these still had spinning hard platters inside. For most applications, a spinning drive is more than fast enough. (more…)




Back in the late 1990s, there was a hokey TV series that used ‘conundrum’ as a code word to identify an agent from the future. Before that show I never really heard that word much, or maybe I just didn’t travel in the right circles. Today it really conveys how I feel about Apple and my Macs.

I own several Macs. This includes a MacBook Pro, iMac, minis, and a couple Mac Pros (2008). Most all of my Macs are running 10.9.5, but a couple have 10.10 installed, just to be able to run certain Apple Apps.

Just as a mater of course, I try to run the oldest version of the OS on my Mac that I can get away with. Right now that seems to be 10.9.5. This works as long as I don’t need to run new software from Apple. This includes Final Cut Pro X, Keynote, Pages, and Numbers. It also includes my subscription to Adobe for Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC. The Adobe Apps require at least 10.10 or better. Apple Apps, such as iBooks Author and Final Cut Pro X require 10.11 or better. (more…)

Time to Get Back to Work

If you have been wondering, I’m speaking to the four readers out there, what has been going on with this blog, just call me an iMac. Apple last updated the iMac back in October of 2015. I haven’t updated this blog for about the same amount of time. This is my first post since September of that year. Well, as with Apple and the Macintosh, I guess it’s time to get back to work.

I have been (slightly) rejuvenated with the latest news from Cupertino. I don’t consider myself a ‘Pro’ but I do like having a Mac that is Pro level. I have two ‘cheese-grater’ 8-core Mac Pro towers along with several other Macs from the 2009-2012 era.

Apple invited a select group – select meaning five tech journalists – to a special discussion of the Macintosh. Not a general discussion but a look into what Apple is doing for the Professional Mac user. The professional photographer, video editor, audio engineer, 3-D animator, well, you get the point. (more…)

Pro = BIG

ipad proIt’s been rumored for many months, but the iPad Pro finally sprang into reality yesterday at Apple’s ‘Hey Siri’ press event in San Francisco, CA. Apple took over the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium to introduce new products for this Fall, and holiday season.

There was no surprise that Apple showed two new iPhone models – iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. They also finally showed a new updated Apple TV with a much-improved remote and Siri integration. They showed off updates to the Apple Watch and Watch OS 2. I think the showstopper was the new iPad Pro. (more…)

Digitizing VHS Home Movies – Part II

eye250_1While using a VHS/DVD dubbing machine is the easy way to get analog video into a digital format, it doesn’t allow you to customize the finished product. These allow you to dump the video to a DVD disc, which yields very good results and it is a great way to quickly archive fragile magnetic ‘analog’ media to a more robust DVD media. Don’t think that this DVD will last forever, it won’t. But once you get it converted to a digital format, making multiple copies is simple and each copy is as good as the first.


Digitizing VHS Home Movies

vhs capture

If you are like me, you might be at that age when you start looking back in your life. You may also have in your possession, or maybe in your parent’s attic/basement, a dozen or more videotapes from the 80’s and 90’s filled with holidays, birthday parties, and other family events. These could be VHS, SVHS, VHS-C, or one of the 8mm variants (regular 8 or Hi-8). All of these are ‘analog’ formats using a magnetic tape. These tapes only last for a certain amount of time, so it’s probably time to digitize them. I’m here to help. (more…)