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Asst. IT Manager for newspaper chain. I Work on PC and Macs, servers, and networks. Golfing, photography, video, and CGI are other passions of mine.

3 Years and Still Counting

new mini

I really hate to start off a blog by apologizing, but I apologize. This is yet another “there hasn’t been a Mac mini update for…years” story. While it is true it has been what seems like forever, the question should be is Apple going to drop the mini, update the mini, or replace the mini?

I love the Mac mini. I know that there are 2 or 3 people that actually look at this blog, but if you check past posts, I love the mini. I never had the G4 mini but I have had every mini since the core 2 duo model was introduced, except the 2014 (never saw the point since my 2012 is faster and can actually be upgraded). I love the size and the style of the mini. Even though it is the cheapest Mac you can buy, it still has plenty of power.

Three years ago, October 16, 2014, Apple released an update to the Mac mini. Even then people were complaining about it taking so long. This was an upgrade, or supposed to be an upgrade, to the 2012 mini so this update took only two years. (more…)


iMac HD Replacement x2

imac 21_5
I own plenty of Macs. Of all the Macs that I currently own and use on a daily basis, I have only one iMac. I recently sold off the other models I had, mainly they were 2008 models so I have just this single 21.5 inch iMac left.

Over the last couple weeks it had become a bit ‘flakey’. I reinstalled the OS and doubled the amount of RAM. It slowly got worse. I didn’t really want to do it, but I needed to replace the hard drive. That was likely the cause of my problems. I have replaced hard drives in plenty of other system, but this is the first time I’ve had to replace a drive in a more modern iMac. More modern means that you have to remove the front glass panel and LCD screen to get to the insides. A scary task for most. (more…)

I Found Something I Like in 10.10!


I will admit it – I am turning into a curmudgeon. I like my Macs the old way. The way where everything isn’t tied to everything else I own and has to link and share everything I do. I am an island – leave me alone.

I loved Mac OS 10.6, which to this day I think was one of Apple’s best versions of  OS X. I skipped 10.7 for obvious reasons but was forced to install 10.8. Apple has that special way of updating their software so that it no longer works with older “out dated” versions of the Mac OS.

Because of this, I have installed 10.10 on some of my machines. I’ve had to do this so that I can run the Apps I need (Final Cut Pro X, Adobe CC, etc.). I don’t really like 10.10 much, but it’s what has to be to get work done. (more…)

Xbox One X?


I know what you must think. This is a Mac Blog, why are you writing about Microsoft hardware? To tell you the truth, I’m not sure. I guess I’m trying to talk myself into buying the new Xbox One X when it’s released this November, if you can even get your hands on one that is.

I used to be a gamer. I started with an Atari 2600, went to the Atari 8-bit computers. Then I got into the SNES (skipped the NES), then the Sony PS1, PS2, and PS3. Add to these the usual PC/Mac computer games, I don’t want to say I’ve seen it all, but I’ve seen a lot. (more…)

Sounds Good, So Far

2017 imacIt finally happened. On Monday June 5th to open the 2017 WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference), Apple loaded both barrels showing off new software and hardware, some of which were far overdue. Some of it is even available right now.

On the software side we got previews of the upcoming OS for Macs, iOS, AppleTV, and Apple Watch. The next MacOS will be called High Sierra, a play on the current MacOS Sierra. Craig Federighi was on stage showing the highlights of the new OS. Craig is quite the showman and works well with the Apple crowd. Others showed off the upcoming WatchOS 4, iOS 11, and tvOS.

Then we got to see some hardware. While the MacBook Pros got an update last fall, one that users either loved or hated, the iMac has not had any update since 2015. Long overdue, the iMac got a pretty decent boost. (more…)

What are You Waiting For?

new ipad
Apple recently updated the 9.7-inch iPad back at the end of March 2017. This wasn’t a revamping of the entire line just an updated iPad Air 2. Apple dropped the Air in its name. It’s simply called iPad. What is really amazing is the price – starting at $329.

This new iPad replaces the iPad Air 2, which was released back in October of 2014. The new lower price also places it as the entry-level iPad. Yes, you read that right. This new 9.7-inch iPad is now cheaper than the iPad Mini 4. Well, that’s not quite right. The Mini 4 is still in the iPad lineup, but only in one storage size – 128GB. The $329 iPad has 32GB of storage. For $100 more you can get it with 128GB of storage. (more…)

Speedy Storage

HDDThere are many ways to help speed up any computer, not just a Mac. When thinking about the speed of a computer, the first thing you think about is probably the processor, or CPU. There are other factors involved such as the bus speed, RAM (type and speed), graphic processor (video card), and I/O ports. This two-part article will cover the one I didn’t mention – storage.

Spinning Storage

In any computer, when you think memory you are actually talking about RAM. When you think of storage, you are talking about hard drives. For many years the typical hard drive had spinning platters that are 3.5-inches in diameter, hence the term 3.5-inch hard drive. Laptops came along and hard drives shrunk down to 2.5-inches. But these still had spinning hard platters inside. For most applications, a spinning drive is more than fast enough. (more…)